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What my clients are saying:

Leah transformed my small, crowded 1950′s kitchen into a beautiful modern kitchen that I absolutely love! She looked at my tight space and thought of ways to make it more functional. She had the contractor install my new, wonderful pantry cupboards back to the studs behind the drywall, giving me several more precious inches of space. To make the kitchen more welcoming and spacious, she advised opening up the narrow doorway and having a large, arched entrance. She gave great advice about colors and textures and thought of things that would look great but save me money. The nicest thing about working with Leah was that she took the time to learn my tastes and preferences and worked with that. The end result is a beautiful, functional kitchen that was within my budget. Thank you Leah!

- Sharon H.

Leah was the designer for my new home construction and did everything from designing the lighting plan, selecting all the paint and tile and choosing all the furniture, furnishings and décor.  The end result is a dream home that is beautiful, practical and comfortable.  Leah figured out my style and my lifestyle and designed a great space that works perfectly for me and that I am proud to call “home.”  I believe that Leah is very talented and I feel extremely lucky to have her perform her magic at my house.  I am most grateful for the following:
(1) while the house is absolutely beautiful, it is also very liveable – it is warm and welcoming and comfortable home; and,
(2) the house has been decorated with a balance of more expensive items and less expensive items that have been blended cleverly together.
I would highly recommend Leah’s services to anyone and encourage them to view her work at my house on her website.  Anyone who hires Leah is going to be a very happy with the results!

- April H.