About Me

I have a confession to make.
My name is Leah Martini Puhlman, and I am a serial remodeler.

It started with my very first house, a 1046 square foot, tacky, run down, 60’s house on a beautiful 4 acre lot. Chipped and cracked linoleum squares in the dining area and kitchen. A turquoise sink opposite an avocado green range and refrigerator. Three small bedrooms, one tiny bath. Cheesy faux wood paneling. But I saw potential, and owning 4 acres in the Sierra Nevada Foothills was pretty close to heaven in my book.

I have purchased and remodeled seven houses, built two from the ground up, and I am in the midst of my 8th renovation. And guess what? It’s a tacky, run down, 60’s house on a beautiful half acre lot in the Portland Metro area. And yes, it has chipped and broken asphalt tiles, cheesy faux wood paneling, and a tiny bathroom. Here we go again!

Through the years I have earned my living as a display manager, art director, director of public relations and marketing, and for many years was part of the family business of writing NY Times best-selling novels. The one consistent focus of my life was finding houses that needed help, and making them better.

Finally, in January of 2000 I started doing what I had been driven to do since that very first house – help people make the best of what they have. Creatively. Within a budget. And with a look and feel that reflected their passions and lifestyle, and not just a pretty picture in a magazine.

Design for real life.
Kids, entertaining, pets, hobbies.
Making your home work for your life . . .